what I do.

Hi, I'm Michael. I build better IT teams and practices.

I believe that we’re in the midst of an astounding revolution that will change the face of society for centuries to come. This revolution is fueled by software, and software quality will dictate quality of life in many ways. But software quality doesn't happen in the absence of a team that has skills, tools, and the clarity of purpose. I enjoy working on building such teams.

how I help

I assist firms by implementing new processes and technologies in delivering software and a stable production environment. As my case studies show, I tackle projects such as:

it's culture

I've come to believe that the key to delivering technology is not striving for a perfect solution but rather adopting a culture that responds rapidly as requirements change. To this end I put a lot of energy into establishing a culture by which:


The software delivery field is becoming a profession. Established patterns with proven track records are emerging that are taking a lot of the mistakes, rework, and frustration out of the experience. The tools I employ include:

None of this is rocket science!

getting there

I have studied risk in an effort to understand the complexity and uncertainty that pervade so many business initiatives today. I find agility is key. By this I don't mean "Agile(tm) software practices" but rather a simple loop:


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