michael werneburg

privacy statement

I, Michael Werneburg, am committed to protecting online user privacy. In order to ensure your privacy, information collected through the werneburg.ca ("the web site") is used only in the manner and for the purposes described in this privacy policy.

the data I collect

IP address. Visitor IP address is recorded by the web server software.

Other data. The timing of page requests to werneburg.ca is recorded. Visitors who post a comment are asked to provide a name and functioning email address.

Cookies are not used on werneburg.ca.

use of data

Information may be collected from web site visitors to:

In the future, the web site may also gather information to:

Internal use. We will use data gathered for internal purposes only, like sending a requested good by email.

We do not sell user data. We will never sell personal information to any other parties for any purpose.

Third parties. We will not provide personal information to domestic or international third parties (like staff at fulfillment centers or shipping companies). In the future, anyone purchasing something from this website may be asked to provide data at the time of purchase, but such an exchange will require that the purchaser directly submit that data to the fulfillment center, and will be obvious to the purchaser.


Visitors are asked to not use the comment submission form on the "about" page to avoid the sharing of contact data with me.

protection of data

Protecting data is one of the ways that the founder of this website makes a living. Data provided to this website is protected by commercially reasonable mechanisms as: server hardening; choice of operating systems and software which have a reputation for stability and security; regular security patches for operating system and systems software; monitoring of logs; regular backups to a secure second location; use of strong passwords; and the avoidance of external systems to track visitor traffic.

destruction of data

A visitor wishing that the data provided to this website be destroyed should send an email to the operator. Personal information such as names and email addresses will be removed, as will any incidental record of IP addresses where practical. The operator of this website may require that forum user names selected by a visitor be retained permanently to maintain the integrity of the forum.